Significant and passing photographic milestones in the course of the time

2002 – freelance writer for the magazine „Outdoor“
2005 – the first expedition with clients to Costa-Rica

2006 – member of the Czech Federation of Art Photography (ČFFU)

2006 – the first solo photography exhibition, Dobřichovice castle

2006 - Fotoinstitut (lecturer of photography workshops and courses)

2006 – member of the Czech Society for Ornithology  (ČSO)

2006 – first trips with a camera into European wild

2006 – beginning of the cooperation with Canon CZ (testing of photographic equipment, lectures, presentations)

2007 - Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year (Natural History Museum, London), finals

2007 – member of the Association of  Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic (AF)

2008 – photography workshops Birds of Prey and Owls, the Czech-Moravian  Highlands (lecturer, organisation)

2008 – cooperation with the charitable trust Czech Switzerland (lecturer of photography workshops, lectures)

2008 – permanent staff member of the magazine Příroda  (Wildlife),  Extra Publishing

2010 – photography workshops Landscape of the Czech Switzerland (lecturer, organisation)

2010 – awarded qualification  QEP (Qualified European Photographer) category Wildlife Photography

2010 – cooperation with the Krkonoše Mountains National Park Administration (lecturer of photography workshops, photographs)

2011 – cooperation with Canon Slovakia (lectures, presentations)

2011 – editorial board  member of the magazine Naše příroda 

2012 – Faculty of Science Charles University in Prague (lecturer of a seminar)

2013 – photography competition Czech Press Photo 2012, Trigema award

2013 – photography workshops Flowers of plants (lecturer, organization)

2014 – cooperation with the photography equipment store Megapixel (lectures, project One year with Megapixel, member of a photography competition jury)

2014 – successful photography exhibition Terra Viridis in Slovak National Museum in Bratislava

2015 – selling photographs of animals in Shutterstock

2015 – The film Seeing animals from icy wasteland to equator (camera), exhibition  Archa Noemova (Noah's Ark)  National Museum Prague

2015 – cooperation with the botanical garden in Prague (photography workshops in the greenhouse during the exhibitions  Butterflies and Orchids)

2015 – A Photographer´s Guide to the Czech Switzerland, Fripito (App Store, Google Play)

2015 - photography workshops for the company Beleco, z. s. (lecturer)

2015 – member of the board of the foundation Stopa v srdci (Imprint on the Heart) protecting wild beasts of prey in the Czech Republic
2015 – patronage of the project Stories of Czech Nature

2015 – Faculty of Science of the Palacky University in Olomouc (lecture at the Departement of Zoology)

2016 – freelance wildlife photographer

2016 – selling photographs of animals in stocks Fotolia, Dreamstime, Depositphotos, 123RF and Pixta

2016 - copywriter for the online shop (Photoreview, articles about photography equipment )

2016 - Gitzo CZ ambassador

2016 – photography competition Czech Press Photo 2016, Nature and Science  - nomination for the 1st prize

2017 – photography competition Festival de l'Oiseau et de la Nature, 1st prize, Baie de Somme, France

2018 – photography competition FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2018, Merit Award - Landscape, Irelnad

2018 – photography competition Festival de l'Oiseau et de la Nature, 2st prize, Baie de Somme, France